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    At AthleticOutlook, we believe that an athlete's talent and hard work should be rewarded.


    Sadly, too many deserving athletes don't get the chance to play at the next level because they don't have a clear college-level calibration of their abilities and potential, and don't fully understand how the murky business of recruiting really works.

    As a result, athletes and their families spend their time and resources on the wrong things, such as:

    • Pursuing coaches at schools not well matched to the athlete's ability
    • Making strategic errors in picking ID camps or combines
    • Spending money on websites promising exposure, and
    • Sending highlight videos that hurt rather than help their chances of winning a scholarship

    As a community of experienced college and professional coaches who care, we created AthleticOutlook to change all that. We are here to educate athletes and their families on the process and help them improve recruiting outcomes while saving them money.


    Because our services are provided by real coaches, every one of whom has coached for several years at the college level, and in some cases the professional level, our evaluations are the real deal, and you are getting feedback and coaching on your game from someone with top-level coaching experience.


    Which means you not only get smarter about how to attack the recruiting process, you become a better player in the process. And this means better recruiting outcomes.

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