• The Essential Recruiting Guide for Athletes and Parents

    It's our belief that families are being leveraged against what they don't understand to hand over thousands of dollars for services or camps that don't help them. We are here to change that.

  • If you are a football player who would like to play ball in college, congratulations! You already love the game, excel at it, and have achieved more than many of your peers. You may be a leader on your team, and feel confident you can contribute at the next level.


    But as you look toward the college recruiting process, you might feel confused. When should you start the process? What are coaches looking for? How do you get them to notice you? Do you need to spend money on this camp or that combine or to have your profile included in that database?


    Sound familiar? We can appreciate how bewildering the whole process can seem. We are AthleticOutlook, a group of experienced college football coaches. Together we have handed out thousands of scholarships. Some of us have retired. Others now coach pro ball. Each of us remains close to the current college coaching community.

  • Why we wrote this guide

    There is no doubt about it. College recruiting is a confusing, opaque world. The vast majority of conversations that determine thousands of athletes' futures happen behind closed doors. Trainers, scouts, recruiters, camps, combines, profile exposure databases,... It seems there are people coming at you from every direction with offers to help - for a fee.


    We wrote this guide to educate athletes and their parents, so they can better navigate this challenging process at one of the most important times in an athlete’s life.

    Our hope is that, when armed with a better understanding of how things really work, athletes will be better able to achieve their goals while avoiding spending money on the wrong things along the way.

  • How should you use this guide?

    We wrote the guide as a series of chapters. While it is possible to read them in any order, we recommend reading them in sequence, as each section builds on the knowledge shared in the previous section.


    We have tried to cover the essential workings of the process, while keeping it to a manageable length. We recognize that every athlete’s and family’s situation is unique, and you may have additional questions. We would love to hear from you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@AthleticOutlook.com.

  • Learn how college coaches approach recruiting, evaluate you, and make offer decisions.

    There are a lot of myths and misinformation floating around. Don't be misled.

    Recruiting has changed in the last decade. Learn how it works today and how to read whether a coach is really interested.

    ID camps, combines, 7-on-7s, profile exposure services,... Learn what matters, what doesn't, and what could hurt your chances.

    The inside scoop on NCAA rules of contact, official visits, receiving offers, and making commitments.

    Our coaches share the 10 steps every athlete should take to get recruited. Receive this chapter when you sign up to participate in a recruiting program.

  • We are AthleticOutlook, a community of experienced college coaches who work personally with high school athletes and their families to help them improve recruiting outcomes and save money in the process.

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