• What Makes Us Different

    AthleticOutlook is different from other recruiting services because we are a small community of veteran college coaches who work with you personally.


    We give athletes and their families an objective perspective based on our deep experience coaching and recruiting for college football teams.


    And to deliver those educational insights, we employ a set of simple yet powerful visual tools.

  • Listen to AthleticOutlook's Coach Greg Quick, a 38-year college and pro football coaching veteran, share his thoughts about what makes AthleticOutlook's recruiting programs unique.

  • 1-on-1 personal guidance Proven to Improve Recruiting Outcomes

    Gather inside information, develop a strategic roadmap, and carve your own path with AthleticOutlook's 1-on-1 help.

    Projected Level of Play

    Based on your game tape and physical attributes, you get a targeted level of play to help you focus your outreach - and your resources.

    Your Stats Compared to NCAA Stats

    See your stats compared to averages for your position at each NCAA division, to help you calibrate and set goals.

    Position Specific Attribute Ratings

    Get an expert assessment from our coaches of your abilities on each of several attributes for your position.

    A Roadmap to Help You Pave Your Path

    Our recruiting roadmap is personalized based on your evaluation and your geographic location.

    Personal Network & Increased Exposure

    In addition to your being evaluated by our coaches, your name and profile are sent to our scouting partners for further vetting and exposure.

  • Evaluations that go beyond assessment

    We don't just send over an assessment of your play. We give you personalized coaching within our evaluation. Our unique virtual film room technology enables us to speak to you on your game film, as if we were sitting in the film room together.


    So you can hear us thinking out loud as we watch your film, and benefit from top-level coaching tips otherwise only available to college and professional athletes.

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